Former Campaigns

You can find the briefings along with the submitted presentations of those campaigns in the password-protected ‘Download & Resources‘ section.

2018 INEOS
2017 Carl Zeiss “Clear Vision for Everybody”
2016 Dungong & Seagrass Conservation Project
2015 Heart of Borneo Initiative
(more info at Curtin University, Sarawak)
2014 ZEISS Vision Care
2013 The City of Stellenbosch
2012 AGEDI: “Keeping an Eye on Earth” Summit
2011 Carl Zeiss AG
2010 Airbus Support for the International Year of Biodiversity
2009 Promoting Culture in Abu Dhabi
2008 Communicating the New Abu Dhabi
2007 Reputation Strategy for Cognis GmbH
2006 Germany as a tourism destination (Soccer World Championship)
2005 PR Campaign for the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD)
2004 PR for the Kingdom of Swaziland
2003 CSR Campaign: General Electric (GE) Foundation Policy