Assessment criteria for your global proposal

  • A creative, researched and well-thought out and professionally presented global PR proposal in line with GlobCom recommendations, this includes a situation analysis, objectives, strategy, relevant publics, implementation  (with estimate budgets and timing) and evaluation.  You may want to focus on social media.
  • A critical and reflective analysis of the GlobCom brief, awareness of global and local cultural issues; demonstrating an understanding of research including the strengths and weaknesses of different methods.
  • Must show evidence of understanding project management, including global virtual teams.

Ref:  you may want to refer to my textbook which goes through the development of a PR proposal, Gordon, A. (2011) Public Relations, Oxford University Press: Oxford, England (link)

There are also free online learning resources for lecturers and students at

You will gain great skills through working in a global virtual team. Check out these helpful and easy online collaboration tools for your team to use: Web 2.0 Collaboration Tools: A Quick Guide (link)

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