All team leaders

Dear Team Leader

Thank you for you hard work!! All the lecturers know there is a lot to being a global team leader so we appreciate it enormously. Thank you to those who have sent me the student participation forms.  You will notice that having this information has allowed lecturers to follow up particular students and get them to participate more.  If you have not sent me these you need to do so..

Next steps.  You should now be writing your implementation.  Please identify some of the team members (not just your deputy) to review all your information and draft the proposal.  Many of you have lots of information so I suggest you get team members to sort through it and draft an outline of situation analysis, objectives, strategy and implementation – it does not have to be you!  Please ensure you are well connected with your team members – ask them what they want to do, or what they can do to help move to the next stage.  At this time many team members are trying to help and not sure what they can do – here is their chance to participate.  This is a matter of urgency otherwise you risk being left to do it all!

Please let me know if you have any issues- post them on this site or email me.

Best wishes


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