Final work

At this stage you will be doing the implementation.  Now is the time to be really creative.  I suggest you work on about four key tactics that fit your objectives.  You can have smaller ones that fit into these 4 main tactics.  Try and ‘package’ your tactics.  For example, if one tactic is a competition think larger than that – think about the launch of the competition, think about what happens before the competition and afterwards.  Who can you partner with?  Who can be on the judging panel to give it more media attention?  How will the winners be promoted?  Then give the competition a creative name that fits with your theme.  You may want to change your theme once you think of all your tactics.

Ensure any idea your team suggests is welcomed and considered.  it is important not to close anyone down or say it wont work – the more encouragement creative people have the better.

Ensure all team members can see the documents you are working on and that everyone feels encouraged to give feedback – I have heard that some do not know how they can access them.

Let me know how you are going and let me have your student participation lists.

Best wishes


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