founded in 2003

The Global Communications Project is an international project run by 13 universities of 13 countries in 5 continents. The participating students will be in their 2nd or 3rd year.

About 7 to 10 international teams are formed. Each team gets the same PR briefing and has to develop a presentation of a PR problem – as in a real pitch – which has to be presented at the end of the project. The virtual teams collaborate using the interactive tools of this website as well as E-Mail, Skype, facebook, twitter and other means of their choice.

The seven tasks of the project are:

  • 1

    to collaborate in a multicultural team

  • 2

    to persuade through a presentation

  • 3

    to overcome cultural barriers

  • 4

    to act together online in a virtual team

  • 5

    to work as an agency solving a global PR issue

  • 6

    to recognize the strength of cultural diversity presentation_collage

  • 7

    to learn implementing global strategies locally

founded in 2008

The Global Communication Institute e.V. (founded in 2008 as a German charity organisation) is the carrier of the GlobCom Project. Its functions are:

  • creating the platform of a worldwide intercultural collaboration among students and lecturers in the field of communication and public relations
  • executing common university projects including international conferences and scientific publications
  • promoting internships of students
  • creating and supporting an international network of alumnis / former students