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“GlobCom is not just any seminar, it is an experience for life.”

Lena, 2022

“I learned how organization works in a local and global team, new social skills, as well as how to solve content-related and interpersonal problems. GlobCom, after a good theoretical foundation, offers the opportunity to become active yourself, to implement the theory, to develop your own ideas and to become creative. A project that I recommend to everyone.”

Felicitas, 2022

“I can only highly recommend GlobCom to anyone who is considering getting international experience. Unique. If I had the opportunity to try again next year: I would say “yes” again and again.”

Luisa, 2020

“Especially in a world that is becoming increasingly global, this project is an incredibly educational experience from which I am taking a great deal for my professional and private future.”

Josefine, 2022

“The intercultural cooperation and the experience of culturally determined differences when working in a team were particularly exciting.”

Katharina, 2020

“I outgrew myself as a person and was able to gather unique experiences and make contacts that will be important to me in the future.”

Julia, 2021

“What counts most are the friendships that I was able to make worldwide through the project.”

Laura, 2022

“It was a lot of work, but it was also a lot of fun – and that’s what makes it so worthwhile!”

Frauke, 2021

“GlobCom is the seminar in which I have learned the most for myself, both personally and professionally, at the University of Erfurt so far. I really enjoyed working with other people from other countries on a practical project – and exchanging both knowledge and perspectives.”

Lara, 2020

“Globcom was an incredibly fulfilling experience that I am happy to have been a part of. The program has helped me develop my skills as a communicator, helped me learn how to effectively pitch creative ideas, and taught me how to work in new environments. Globcom has helped me learn how to interact and work within the digital space with others from around the world. Although there were challenges, the experience has trained me to solve problems and communicate professionally in a completely new way. The opportunity to host the Globcom symposium was a great chance to learn about event management and organization. Globcom offered me a practical and rewarding experience in teamwork, public relations communication, and event organization. The program is a valuable experience for any university student who wants the chance to grow professionally and make international connections”

Alexander Dang, participant (FCA student)

“Participating in GlobCom project last year was a rich and unique experience. I was able to gain perspective and a much greater understanding of international public relations and diverse cultures of different countries. More importantly, I made connections with international teammates and we became friends in real lives. Therefore, working in GlobCom not only offers a chance to gain more knowledge and skill improvements, but also offers a chance to build personal connections and lasting friendship as well. GlobCom has provided an outlet for professional and personal growth throughout my 2 months working in the virtual team. Furthermore, hosting the symposium at my home university this year even enriched my experience in organizing and managing a large event which is also a rewarding opportunity for professional growth as well.”

Teerada Pulgasem, participant (FCA student)

“Global Communication program experience was very rewarding and enjoyable because we get to work as a group with students from different countries. It helped me developed myself professionally in terms of working with cross-cultural colleagues and how I should be open minded towards different opinions from the group. I learned to take more initiatives and be patience towards other people because we need to communicate with them through online medium, which were hard sometimes because of the time difference with different countries. Nonetheless, it was worth the time as we communicate with the group and get to know them and made new international friends along the way. During the work, I learned a lot from them like how they have different approach towards certain situation, the way they think on certain issue and how to solve them. Additionally, the event took place and it was super fun hosting the event as we made sure things go as smooth as possible. I also learned a lot from just hosting the event like how to manage time within the schedule created and also making sure that everyone is present. It was not easy because it was hard to please everyone in the event, however, the feedback from them was very positive. I am glad that I took part of this program and I would suggest students to join as they could also experience and have fun with what the program has to offer.”

Wanutpong Tangchalermkul (North), participant (FCA student)

“Having the opportunity to be a part of Globcom 2018 at Chulalongkorn University was my pleasure. Not only did the experience allow me to utilize my language skills and assist student participants of over 10 nationalities throughout the symposium, it also allowed me to further develop my management and teamwork skills. Overall, it was also nice to be with such a diverse crowd, with such diverse cultures. The friendships and connections gained from this experience are noncomparable as it is a perfect mixture of professionalism and camaraderie. I fully recommend those who are interested to not the chance to take part in this wonderful journey.”

Lily Zeng, participant (FCA student)

“Global Communication project is a life-time experience I believed would never come often. It was such a great opportunity to be working with team members from all over the world, each from different culture, region and timezone. Working with loads of people was not easy, yet it was even more extreme when we had to work and communicate over continents. This project taught me how to manage and allocate time wisely in order to both participate in the global communication team’s project and pursue my college study.  Every single obstacle and challenge brought about new experience. Indeed, conflict is inevitable when working in team, but my Global Communication team members show me how it can be constructive when managed wisely. The project totally changed my perception toward conflict; conflict is not always bad. Instead it can lead to positive outcome if we make use of it wisely.  But the opportunity did not just end there. This year, it was an honor for Chulalongkorn University to host students and lecturers from honorable Universities all over the world in the Global Communication 2018 Symposium event. It was our opportunity as Thai people to introduced our team members to our beautiful culture, and it was also an opportunity for me, as a communication arts student to organize this large of an event, welcoming over 300 international participants.  What impressed me the most was how great the symposium turned out to be. The International students and lecturers appreciations and implementations in our efforts meant so much. This experience would be one of my most grateful and impressive overtime. Thank you Global Communication Project 2018”

Benyapha Pianphanitporn, participant (FCA student)

“Globcom is one of the best decisions and experiences I have made. I very enjoy working with foreigner friends who come across the world and altogether cultivate the good companionship. I believe that after finishing this competition we will still keep in touch with each others. Globcom also allows me to have the real lesson outside the classroom. I used to think that I know everything but Globcom opens my world to become larger. I have learned the complexities while working with the multinational team and how to corporate within the team members. I would say sharing and listening are the most important keys to success the united team working. I hope that I will be able to use these acquired knowledges from the competition and the event management for my future tasks.”

Phakphisut Areepongsa, participant (FCA student)