Below you’ll find a list of steps, every new participant should go through, before he can start working with their team and on this year’s project!

You can find the student introduction pack, that was included in your welcome mail, here!

  • Get familiar with the website by using our FAQ or asking a question either through our Contact page or directly to our webmaster.
  • Fill out your social media information by sending an e-mail to our webmaster (if you haven’t already done so in the original registration by your lecturer).
  • Connect with your fellow teammates that are already registered and filled in their social media information. Find the full list of every participant here.
  • Visit the Team mentoring section of our global team mentor Averill Gordon! She has also compiled a list of helpful websites and tools for your team communication here: Collaboration.
  • Read the client briefing. Around late February/early March another mail will be sent to all registered students, informing them about this year’s client and the uploaded briefing. Another mandatory read would be the article Global Teamwork Process.
  • Elect your team leader (plus vice/deputy) and message your lecturer and our webmaster with the information so we can grant them access to the team leader-only section of the website.
  • Start working! By now, every country should have been registered and platform to communicate about the project should have been created by the team leaders/members.
  • Ask questions! There are several possibilities to do so, the main on is by commenting on the Collaboration page – accessible for every lecturer and student and moderated by Averill. There is also the Team Leader Forum page, only accessible by lecturers and team leaders (as well as their deputies).
  • Read the articles that Averill has written to help the students (Team Mentoring News/Articles).
  • Take a look at the past presentations in our Downloads & Resources section!
  • And if you like, connect with us via facebook or twitter too!